Clancy's Fish Pub Dec 8th

Written by Druidstone.

A great crowd attended Clancy's Fish Pub in Fremantle last night to see the second of the three-show series of farewell gigs for Gerry Quigley with his long-running band The Shinkickers. 

The Shinkickers first started playing at The Rosemount Hotel in 1991 where they started out as an acoustic five-piece playing blues mixed with celtic rock at the Sunday Session. For the past 21 years Gerry Quigley and his band The Shinkickers have captivated the audience and last night was no exception.

Gerry's Farewell to Australia

Written by Druidstone.

It is with a mixture of great joy and sadness that Gerry will soon live out his life-long dream and return home to Ireland at the beginning of 2013.  Following many successful years in the Dublin music scene Gerry relocated to Perth some 30 years ago to experience the Australian way of life. 

During his 30 years in Perth Gerry has lead many successful bands with his own unique style including The Raggle-Taggle-Gypsies, The Blarney Stones, The Shinkickers and many more.  Over the years Gerry has also helped his many dedicated guitar students to uncover their hidden talents and discover the joy of music.

Gerry's current long-running blues/rock band The Shinkickers played their farewell show on Sunday 26th August at The Carlisle Hotel after an impressive 21 years of amazing music.

Gerry will be playing his own farewell tour during December at some special venues in the Perth metro area, before he leaves for Ireland with his partner Sharon on New Year's Eve

Gerry's farewell shows will feature special guests including members of Gerry's original Shinkickers band along with a very special debut appearance by Gerry's newest band, Gerry Quigley & The Nomadic Druids.

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Enjoy the music ...


The Shinkickers Farewell Aug 26th at The Carlisle

Written by Druidstone.

Gerry Quigley and current members of his long-running band The Shinkickers will farewell everybody with their last Sunday Session at The Carlisle Hotel and their last show together on Sunday August 26th.   The Shinkickers have played Perth and Western Australia for the past 17 years - this show will mark the end of an era in the Perth music scene and will definitely be a show to remember.

Gerry will also be playing several farewell Australia shows during November/December at venues in the Perth metro area.  Gerry's farewell shows will feature special guests including his original Shinkickers band and his latest band Gerry Quigley & The Nomadic Druids.

The Shinkickers - Change is in the Air

Written by Druidstone.

The Shinkickers have played their unique mix of blues, classic rock and celtic magic in Perth and Western Australia for the past 21 years.

Guitarist and founder Gerry Quigley is returning home to Ireland at the end of 2012 so on Saturday August 26th the band will play their last gig with the current lineup.  August 26th 2012 will also mark the day which the band says thank-you and farewell to Jeni Shaw, band Manager for the past 6 years as an exciting new era begins for both Gerry Quigley and The Shinkickers.

Gerry is already busy organising venues and promotions for his own farewell tour including The Shinkickers with some original band members.  There are farewell shows planned for December 7th, 8th and 11th at some special venues in the Perth Hills and Metro areas.